Bethlehem Personal Injury Lawyer

Michael Snover is a decorated Bethlehem Personal Injury Lawyer. Mr. Snover has over 20 years of experience litigating Personal Injury and Workers Compensation cases. When you become injured on the job or due to an auto accident a tenured attorney may be of help. Injury claims can become complicated. Here are some of the issues that arise when submitting your claim:

  • When did the injury occur?
  • Was your job site not safe?
  • Did you follow all of the rules of your workplace?
  • Are you at fault in your car accident?
  • Did you file a police report?
  • Are their any witnesses who saw what happened?
  • Did you go to the doctor?
  • Do you have prior injuries or conditions related to these injuries? 

Contact our Law Firm today for a free consultation. We understand that the pain and suffering you are experiencing hinders your work life. It also has an impact on your personal and family life. Do not wait until medical bills and expenses pile up. Let our Bethlehem Personal Injury Law Firm fight to protect your best interests.

Bethlehem Personal Injury Lawyer Near Me

Googling online for a Bethlehem Personal Injury Lawyer near you? It is a common practice after an accident. There are a lot of quality choices in Bethlehem, PA when looking for a Workers Comp or Personal Injury Law Firm. Let’s take a minute to understand why locating a local attorney may be beneficial. After an injury you may be unable to drive. You and your attorney need to have open communication. Fighting big insurance companies takes a lot of effort. Your lawyer will want to keep you in the loop. Michael Snover is easy to work with. He will even come to you if need be. He answers his phone, returns emails, and keeps his clients informed with their case and claim. Call today for a free consultation.

Bethlehem Personal Injury Lawyer FAQ’s

Personal Injuries and Workers Compensation claims may seem very similar on the surface. However, in a court of law they are very different. When we look at the FAQ’s and legality regarding each vertical of law we start to see some drastic difference. It is important for you to select an attorney who understands both aspects for these types of law. Michael Snover has decades of success handling Workers Compensation Claims as well as Personal Injury Law Suits. Here are a list of information and links to help explain in detail each case type.

  • Auto Accidents and Personal Injury Cases result when someone injures you and they are at fault. The Pennsylvania DMV offers some advise on what to do following a car accident.
  • A Workers Compensation Claim is when you are hurt on the job. Due to either an unsafe workplace or the fault of your own. Pennsylvania Government websites provide detailed information you need to know.
  • Your Bethlehem Personal Injury Lawyer will litigate against the party at faults insurance policy during a personal injury case. When you face a Workers Comp Claim your attorney is fighting against your employers Workplace Insurance policy. There are different rules, regulations, and limitations for each type of policy.
  • Workers Compensation Claims need to be filled differently then Personal Injury Claims
  • There are specific guidelines in regards to compensation for Workman’s Comp which are different from Personal Injury

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Our law firm hopes that you and your family never encounter the need for a personal injury or workers comp attorney. In the event that you do however need legal assistance, we are here to help in any way we can. Our office is conveniently located in Bethlehem, PA. We also service Easton, Phillipsburg, Allentown, and all of Lehigh Valley. You can call us at 484-821-1005 or you can fill out or online quick contact form for immediate assistance.

Bethlehem Personal Injury Lawyer