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Car Accident Attorney Bethlehem

Car Accident Attorney Bethlehem injury advocate Michael Snover is on your side. He has the tenure and litigation techniques to win. Your medical bills won’t pay themselves. Someone needs to fight for your rights. Trust an injury lawyer with decades of experience. Michael has won millions of dollars for his clients. Call today for a free auto accident consultation.



Michael Snover. Car Accident Attorney Bethlehem. 

Imagine leaving your home for a nice day with the family. Slam. You get hit from behind. At first you think that it’s no big deal. The other party is at fault. No one appears to be hurt. The other guy’s insurance will cover the damages. In a perfect world this would be the scenario. Unfortunately this is not the average case. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation there are thousands of auto accidents every year. Not every personal injury claim gets paid. An automobile accident poses great danger to your body. The high speeds violent nature of these types of incidents can cause permanent damage and death.

Car Accident Attorney Bethlehem native Michael Snover has your back when fighting insurance claims. When insurance firms try to settle for less, Michael gets them the pay the rest. Think about it, the person who hit you has insurance. The high powered lawyers that represent that insurance company get PAID to fight against you. They get PAID to settle your claim for as little as possible. Their main goal is to find a way to NOT PAY YOU AT ALL. You need an advocate of your own. You need Michael Snover. Trust him to get you paid.

Auto Accident Attorney Bethlehem, PA

Car accidents tend to cause serious injuries due their violent nature. Physics proves that two objects in motion colliding causes a greater  impact then when a stationary object gets hit with the same force. Take football for instance, when two players hit each other head on collision tends to cause bodily harm. Humans can only run so fast. Cars go much faster, and are much heavier. An auto accident attorney can help you get your bills paid and your car back on the road.

Michael A. Snover is a seasoned Bethlehem Personal Injury Attorney. He has tenaciously fought for victims rights for 30 years. Car Accident Attorney Bethlehem reviews show that Mr. Snover is passionate and dedicated. First, Michael will talk to you and your family. He will even travel to you if you cannot make it into the office. Spending time to understand your unique situation assists greatly with your case. Second, Michael will prepare documentation, police reports, medical records, and will build your case. His goal is to get you compensated for your injuries and financially loses.

Car Accident Attorney Bethlehem

I was involved in a head on collision. The driver who hit me was in a large SUV, I was in a small sedan. My car lost. When I woke up I was in the hospital. It took me a few weeks to get to finding an attorney. I had never used an attorney before. My wife actually looked around. A friend of her’s refereed her to Mike. My first thought was that all lawyers care about is their fees. Mike never charged us a dollar, which was great because I couldn’t do any construction work. He always answered our calls, returned our emails, and he stayed in touch with us. It took a little over a year to go through physical therapy and to work the case I guess, but in the end, it all worked out. I got a very considerable settlement. Mike worked hard for us.

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Best Car Accident Attorney Bethlem PA 

No one knows who the best car accident attorney Bethlehem has to offer. That is not how the law works. Instead, we advise every car crash victim to ask a lot of questions. Ask yourself if you believe the attorney you are talking to is right for you. First, remember that after an injury you are hurt. Your number one priority has to be your well being. You cannot help yourself or your family without getting better. Next, you want to determine which law firm gives you the best chance of a full financial recovery. Asking questions to your potential attorney is important. Find out what types of case results they have had. Ask about the amount of cases and years they have practiced law. Knowledge is power.

Michael Snover is always available for questions. He understands that any type of personal injury means you are hurting physically and emotionally. Mr. Snover also knows you are hurting financially. This is why he offers a free consultation. By allowing you and your family to ask questions about your potential case will help you as a victim not only determine which attorney to hire, but it will also give you a realistic breakdown of what you can expect from a possible settlement.

Mr. Snover is also understanding of your physical condition. If you cannot come to him, he will come to you. That is right! Michael Snover will travel to your home or hospital. Don’t wait. Don’t fight insurance firms on your own. Call Mr. Snover today.

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