Dog Bite Attorney

Dog Bite Attorney

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Having a pet makes life a lot better for most people. All of us who own animals know the joy they can bring. Tragically, some pet owners do not take care of their dogs or cats. When this happens pets can get lose. Sometime, do to abuse and a lack of love, animals lash out. When a pet turns violent the results can be permanently damaging. Too often it is NOT the pets fault, but the owners. A Bethlehem Dog Bite Attorney like Michael Snover can help you achieve compensation for you injuries after a dog bite or pet attack.

Lehigh Valley Dog Bite Attorney

Dog bites and animal attacks cause devastating scars. On top of physical damage to your body, being attacked by a dog can cause all sorts of mental fears. If your child is bit they may become afraid of animals for the rest of their life. According to Only in Your State there have been multiple fatalities in Pennsylvania from dog bites over the past few years.

We understand that an animal attack claim is different then a car accident or standard personal injury claim. Unfortunately, a pet injury case is usually NOT the fault of the animal BUT do to a bad pet owner. Dog Bite Attorney Michael Snover understands that you may have reservations about your claim. Yes, it is true that sometimes the animal must be put down after an attack. However, if you or a loved one have been physically injured, you may be savings someone else’s life. If an owner has abused an animal to the point of the pet lashing out in violence the owner SHOULD be dealt with. Call our Lehigh Valley Personal Injury Law Firm today for a free consultation.

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Bethlehem is a dog friendly city. Face it, everywhere you look on a Saturday or Sunday morning we see families out walking their dogs. According to Bring Fido, Bethlehem as well as all of Lehigh Valley is pet friendly. We have restaurants, off leash parks, and lots of places where pets are welcome. Sometimes accidents happen. All of us hope that our pets will remain under control, when they don’t, the injuries can be more then severe. A Dog Bite Attorney may be of help. Deep bites and infections due to injuries can bring hefty medical bills. Call us today to discuss your case.

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After I was bit I figured that the owner would cover my doctor bills. I just needed stitches, it wasn’t a horrible bite, just kind of deep. Four weeks later though it got infected. My hand swelled and I could not go to work, I work on a computer and could not type. The owner then tried to say that I was never bit. I had witnesses, pictures, he still denied it. Mike was able to get him to step up and cover the bills in the end. I could not have done it without Mike. Thanks.


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The Law Office of Michael Snover services all of Lehigh Valley including Bethlehem, Allentown, Easton, and Phillipsburg. If you or a loved one have been bitten by a dog or attacked by an animal call us today. Pets are not to blame, owners are. It is your right for that owner to compensate you for your injury. Let us help make sure your injury claim is settled with the least amount of headache as possible. We have decades of experience.

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