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From auto accidents to work place related injuries, you need help when you are hurt. Lehigh Valley and our town of Bethlehem is a popular area to live. This means move cars and more traffic. When you find yourself injured you may google Personal Injury Law Firm . You will find lots of results, but how do you know who to use? Simple, ask questions. Mr. Snover always makes himself available to answer your concerns. A car crash of a motorcycle accident can leave you unable to work. A Personal Injury Lawyer like Mr. Snover will work to get you compensated for your losses. We services Bethlehem, Easton, and all of Lehigh Valley.

Personal Injury Law Firm Results

According to The Morning Call Bethlehem, PA now uses state of the art traffic cameras to detect car accidents. Why is it that our city invested thousands into these cameras? Easy, because we have a lot of auto collisions. When you are faced with an injury a Personal Injury Law Firm can help guide you through the claim process. Our law firm has decades of experience. We have successfully settled millions of dollars in claims for our clients. Mr. Snover provides free consultations. His focuses on Personal Injury and Workers Compensation Cases.

Personal Injury Law Firm FAQ’s 

If you have been injured here is a list of things you may want to consider. Read over the information below. Call our law firm and lets discuss your case in detail. Consultations are free, you have nothing to lose.

  • Did I got to the doctor after my injury?
  • Did I get x-rays?
  • Does my neck hurt?
  • Where is most of my pain?
  • Can I go to work?
  • Have I missed work?
  • Can I function normally?
  • Have my children or their schedule suffered due to my injury?
  • What are my medical bills?
  • Have I been unable to pay other bills due to my injury?
  • Who in my life has been effected by my injury?
  • Did I take photos of the accident site, vehicle, myself?
  • When did the accident or injury occur?
  • Were there any witnesses?
  • Was the accident my fault or someone else?


Personal Injury Law Firm